Calendar 2016-17

Editable 2016-17 Calendar

Calendar 2016-17  (This is the non-editable version)

Reminder Postcards 2016  (This is the smallest size allowed by the USPS and is not editable.)

If you want happy parents in your piano studio, keep it well-organized with a good calendar so that parents and students know well in advance what is coming up! I put it on the front of their binder and also email it to parents.

The calendar is designed for you to type your studio events in the center. I suggest you put dates for:

  • Festivals, including sign-up deadlines
  • Recitals
  • Holiday breaks
  • Days your studio will be closed
  • Group lesson dates
  • Deadlines to memorize music for events

It’s Editable!

I have some good news for those of you who like editable files! For the first time ever, this calendar is editable in Word as a .docx file. You can even edit the “Calendar of Events” title. Open the file in Word or another word processing program and place your cursor in the table and type your information. Use Times New Roman and a 10 pt font size to match the style of the calendar. The borders of the table are there as a guide and will not show when it is printed. You will have to download this file and open it in Word and not open it in your Chrome.

If you don’t use the editable Word docx file, here are some suggestions on how to personalize and print your calendar.  You will be printing in the center of the page. Since every printer is different, figure out how to insert the page back into your printer in order to print in the blank space in the center.

I advise you to set your margins to:

  • Left – 2.3
  • Right – 2.3
  • Top – 1. 5
  • Bottom – .5

If you have trouble downloading the PDF files, please check my FAQ because everything I know to help you is listed there!

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8 thoughts to “Editable 2016-17 Calendar

  • Judith deHaney

    Thanks Susan, your templates are always much appreciated:)) Have a great teaching year!

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome, Judith!

  • LadyD

    Thank you for these beautiful files. My students will be so happy to receive the colorful surprise in the mail!

  • Donna McLain

    Thank you so much, Susan!! Love it as always. Perfect timing because we start fall semester this week. Kids go back to school here this week.

    • Susan Paradis

      So glad you like it, Donna!

  • Diane Lindsay

    I have been using your calendar and binder materials for 2 years. They are marvelous and wouldn’t use anything else. Excellent job, Susan – as always – and thank you so much.

    • Susan Paradis

      Laura and Diane, I’m really glad the calendars are helpful for you!

  • Laura

    Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate you putting out these calendars to use!


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