Fishing Note Game

Fishing Note Game

These are the cards that go to a flash card fishing game my students like to play. As you can tell, I drew these fish myself on the computer, but I had a lot of fun drawing them. In my mind, I gave each fish a name and a personality. By the time I got to the last page I had run out of ideas!

There are three pages for you to print. I laminated mine and glued a paper clip to the back with my hot glue gun. I really wish I had used a metal washer on the back because that looks a lot better. But paper clips are inexpensive,  and most of us have them on hand.

For a long time our fishing pole was a dowel with and string and a magnet on the end. A few weeks ago I found a cute toy fishing pole at a local dollar store. I really like it because students can “reel” the fish cards in. This is a game for young students, so they like to reel in the fish!

There are so many different variations  you can play with this game, depending on the age of your student and how much time you have. I usually put the cards face down on the floor and have the student reel in one at a time. I give the student a time limit to catch and identify the note. Sometimes I keep a record for the week to see who can identify the most cards in a given time.  If students are just learning the notes, they do better if they are not timed.

If you have a great idea for a fun game with these cards, please pass it along to all our readers. Many of you are so creative with ideas for games! I would like to thank Cecilly for giving me the idea to make these cards.

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12 thoughts to “Fish Music Flash Cards

  • Svenja

    You could use them to literally play “go fish.”

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  • Carol Dawn

    Used these fish today with a young student (but in her 2nd year) who has trouble with the perception of notes on the staff. Her task: to set them out in order, from lowest to highest. We only got through about 1/3 in the half hour. But by the end she was seeming to finally understand.
    She was enthralled by the fish themselves, asking my opinion as to which gender each fish was. She wanted to lay them out male-female-male-female, etc.
    It seemed like a good “forest” exercise, rather than just “tree by tree.” Will have to try it out in this way with others who can’t seem to identify on which line or in which space…
    Thanks for all your great ideas.

  • Jill Gubler

    These fish are darling. You have the cutest ideas. I love them and can’t wait to use them. The bright colors and variety will catch the eye of the student. Looking forward to my next group class.

    thanks again,

  • Cecilly

    OMGsh Susan, these cards are darling. They will definitely add more pizazz to my student’s fishing adventures. Thanks so much.

    • susanparadis

      Thanks a lot, and thanks for giving me the idea to make them.
      I also made a set of rhythm notes and rests for beginners, but I just haven’t had time to finish them up and post them yet.

  • Jenifer Cook

    Wow! You have a lot of excellent resources! I love the music note fishing game. Thanks for sharing your piano teaching ideas.
    I will definitely add you to my blogroll.

  • Sue

    Your fish are so creative. As you said,each one has its own personality. I am looking forward to using these fabulous fish with my students. It will make learning notes much more fun. Thank you so much for the time you spend creating super games.

  • susanparadis

    Thanks for your comments and your ideas.

  • Joanne

    Susan, I was so excited to see your fish yesterday! I remember some time ago, before Christmas, I think, that you planned on making them. They are just adorable !! I bought small washers at the DIY store today and will hot glue them on. They are laminated already.

    I had actually made a fishing game using canning lids. I pasted a plain label on one side and made a set for rhythms, symbols and notes on the staff. Your fish are much cuter than my canning lids, though. Thank you so much for your great creativity. We will have such fun going fishing.

  • Kathy

    My students will love actually having a fish on the card!! Here’s another idea. After they fish, have a pond for each letter name and have them place their “catch” in the correct pond.

  • Laura

    These are absolutely adorable! I play a fishing game using rhythms on the fish, but my fish aren’t nearly so cute! My students will really enjoy these.


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