The 48 page Spring Catalog from Hal Leonard features  titles that are all 40% off for teacher desk references. This includes the composer statues some teachers give as rewards.  Also included are some Henle and many Schirmer editions with and without CD’s,  popular piano music of all levels, and all of the Hal Leonard Method books and supplements. There is a limit to the amount of copies you can order and Hal Leonard encourages you to order more from your favorite  music dealer. 

The catalog also has a CD sampler enclosed with over 100 excerpts. I love to get this kind of CD sampler because I can listen to it in the car as I run my errands and save a little time.

One new item in the Hal Leonard Piano Method is the All-In-One-Lesson book. It “combines selected pages from the Piano Lesson, Technique, Solos, Theory Workbook, and Practice Games into one easy-to-manage book.”  It looks like only Book A  is  available at this time, but perhaps more levels will come out.  If you like this method and you’re planning  to start a new student in a family that always seems to leave some of their books at home, or if you want to limit the amount of books a student has, you might want to check this out. This method teaches reading by intervals in a sequence that is accessible for every child.

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