Editable Calendar 2017_2018

This is a version of my studio calendar that you can personalize in Word. If you have Word for Windows (or Word for Mac), all you need to do is open this file and type in the month, date, and the name of your event in the table that I provided.

The table is fully editable so you can change the font, the size, and the number of columns and rows. The title “Schedule of Events” is editable. You can even change the color of the type. In my example above, I centered the name of the month, but that is your choice. I suggest using a font that does not clash with the rest of the Calendar, such as Times New Roman.

If you’re not too familiar with tables in Word, they are very easy. To move from column to column, use the TAB key. Compared to playing the piano, it’s a piece of cake! The lines of the table are invisible when you print, although you can change that in the settings.

[Edited: When you open this in Word, it is possible the table guidelines will not show up! To make the table guidelines appear, in the  “Home” tab select the drop down menu of the “Border” icon (which looks like a box with a two lines going each way). Open the Borders tab and select “View Guidelines.” Please make sure you are in Word and not Google Docs. To open in Word, you might need to right-click and use the “Save Link As.”]

Please see my last post on some ideas of how to use this calendar!

Thank you for following my Terms of Use and not sharing this file with anyone but your piano students.



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6 thoughts to “2017 Calendar – Personalize in Word!

  • Marsha

    Susan, this is so wonderful. Thank you! I really appreciate you helping this non-techy, non-designer girl out!

  • Emma Skeete

    Hi Susan, have you made matching postcards for this theme? LOVE using this to set the tone for the year. I hope you are well and enjoying your summer.
    Blessings from the East Coast of Canada!


  • Rebecca Gebbink

    Have you made a binder cover in this theme? I love your work!

    • Susan Paradis

      Yes, I have one, but I will have to post it when I return from my vacation!

  • Linda Kirkconnell

    Hi Susan,
    This is a fabulous tool. I’m having trouble getting my information in
    the table you prepared.
    Am I supposed to type the month first? And then when I press tab,
    it doesn’t go back to the space to type the date. I can’t figure out what
    I’m doing wrong.
    Thank you

    • Susan Paradis

      Linda, I sent an email to the email address you have listed here, and it bounced back to me as undeliverable. You might want to personally email me to my gmail address that I have used to answer you in the past. Also, I added some more information to today’s post that might help you! Let me know!


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