One Minute Club Cards 2018 One Minute Club 2018

I’ve finished the 2018 One Minute Club cards. This is the time of year everyone starts to ask for them!

Sometimes, as teachers, parents, and students, we don’t realize that it is not enough to be able to identify note names on a flash card. Pianists need to know exactly where on the piano keyboard the note is found. And we need to be able to find it quickly, so that when hands have to jump from one octave to another, we will know exactly where to go.

In the One Minute Club, the idea is to show students flash cards and they “say and play” the notes on the grand staff in one minute or less.

Our job as teachers is to prepare students to learn how to do this. We can’t just present the cards one day and hope for the best. My students have been studying notes all year, and this is the culmination of all that work. And if we want students to be engaged, we have to find ways to make it accessible. For example, I start with just a few cards and, until they are successful, I don’t add more. And you have to keep it light-hearted and fun.

I’ve found students need to be in about 5th grade to have the motor skills for this, but you certainly need to start gradually preparing them before that. And then, sometimes students have excellent motor sills and visual memory so they can be successful much younger. Sadly, this activity will not turn a poor sight-reader into an excellent sight-reader, but it will help.

For students who struggle to learn note names, it’s better to wait until they are older, and then to gradually work up to this.

You are the teacher, so you get to decide how many and which cards the students should be able to say and play. There are no national standards, LOL!

Here is a link to a video I made to show you how it works.

There are 10 cards on the page. It is formatted for “business card” perforated cardstock, but you can also cut them out. I put them in plastic business card holders and attach them to their music bags. There is a slight over-lap (called “bleed”) with the border to help with printing on business card stock, so if you cut them out yourself, be award of that. Draw a cutting line on the cards with a ruler, don’t just cut out along the blue or the card will be too big.

You might notice the design is the same theme I used for the calendar at the beginning of the year. My students look forward to new art each year! [Edited to add challenge chart.] Here is a challenge chart I posted a few months back you can use to keep track of your students progress. One is even fillable! Challenge Charts

You can read more about how to run this activity on my blog at this link. One Minute Club


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14 thoughts to “2018 One Minute Club Cards

  • 4rushings

    Trying to figure out a few things..1) how do you determine which cards to use? 2) do you have some that we could purchase/print? 3) what is the purpose of the chart? I am so thankful to come upon your resources. Thank you for encouraging teachers!

    • Susan Paradis

      Probably the best thing to do is read some of my back posts on the subject of the one minute club. Here is one from 2012.
      You can also do a google search by typing my name, such as “Susan Paradis One Minute Club.”
      You need to work up to this, do a lot of practice. I usually start with 2 cards, long before I ever time them. Then I gradually work up. If you simply start by showing all the cards to your student at one time, and timing them, they might get frustrated and shut down. Make it fun by doing a lot of preparation. You can email me if you have more questions! Hope this helps.

  • Brenda

    Thank you so much! I love this! I noticed that last year there were Jr Club cards and also a certificate. Are those still in the works for this year or should I plan differently? Thank you for all you do, your amazing!

    • Susan Paradis

      Brenda, that is a very good question!

      I will be doing a certificate, but I don’t think I’ll do the junior cards. I’ve decided it gets to be a bit much, so I might just give different ages different skills but use the same cards. My older students are doing ledger lines, and my younger students will do half the cards. I hope that helps with your plans.

      • Jeanette Berntson

        Last year’s certificate does not have a year on it, so it could be used again this year. That’s what I plan to do even though the color theme doesn’t match this year. I like to publicly acknowledge the club members at the spring recital with a certificate.

        • Susan Paradis

          I posted this year’s 2018 certificate. I hope you can find it!

          • Jeanette


      • Brenda

        It does help! Thank you!!

  • patsy clark

    I use these all the time. It’s an invaluable tool to help my students identify notes on the page and keys on the piano. Thank you for this wonderful idea.

  • Shirley M Holm

    I always admire your work, Susan. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if you have anything that dovetails with the Olympics which begin in a few weeks.

  • Susan Paradis

    Allison, I made two challenge charts in the fall with this theme. Do you think it will do?

    • Allison

      Yes! Thanks! I somehow missed that!

      • Susan Paradis

        Allison, great, glad that one will work! Those charts with all the lines take me forever! I will be making a certificate, however.

  • Allison

    I love this! Will you be making the chart for 2018 too?

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