Studio Calendar for the academic year 2019-2020 with space in the middle for teachers to type in their studio schedule.

The 2019-2020 school year calendar is now in the store!

Do you have students who are always asking when they need to get a piece memorized or the date of a festival? Then try these specially designed calendars for teachers, students, and parents who have activities scheduled for the school year. Each month of the 2019-2020 school year is printed on the left and right sides of the calendar. The middle is left blank to insert your own yearly schedule! One calendar is decorated with adorable birds and dogs is lightly printed in the middle so that you can easily read your schedule when it is printed over the art in the middle. If you have older students or want to save ink, there is an alternate calendar with no decorations.

Insert your school year schedule!

Use Adobe Reader to open the calendar. Click your cursor in the middle and you can personalize the calendar by typing directly into it. An instruction page is included.

If you prefer, you can type your schedule on a blank page in Word and print that on the front of your 2019-2020 calendar that you have already printed. Instructions are included for this.

This unusual calendar layout works great for students and teachers! By typing your own studio schedule and then inserting into the plastic cover sleeve of binders, you will solve the problem of remembering events such as performances and recitals. You can also list the days your studio will be closed, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break. Don’t forget to list the first and last day of lessons, audition dates, theory test dates, dates music should be memorized, and anything else that will be helpful. Make extra copies for parents!

Check out my store to see a preview of the two versions of the calendar that has become a tradition with so many teachers!

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