I thought I would post another game from Cecilly that you can play if you have a Christmas party. This is semiliar to one I used to play when I taught school and I remember the kids really having fun. However, I had totally forgotten about it and I’m grateful to Cecilly for sharing.

Now, after the active games, the kids should be ready for a sitdown kind of game. Here’s a fun one:

          The DYNAMICS HIDE & SEEK Game

Using some kind of small music object or flashcard (like a quarter note), select someone to be the “hider”

and someone to be the “seeker. The “seeker” must leave the playing area for a brief minute while the “hider” hides the object somewhere in the playing area (it cannot be completely hidden, but must be visible upon discovery). Then the “hider” goes to his seat with everyone else seated about the room.

 Go get the “seeker” who comes into the room and begins to look for the object. Now, the group can help the seeker by chanting the name of the object over and over, but if the seeker moves away from the objects hiding place the group uses a quieter voice. If the seeker begins to move closer, their chanting grows louder. The groups “dynamic” level literally steers the seeker to the object.

When she’s right on the object, the group will be chanting in full fortissimo voice. When the seeker finds the object, everyone yells “BRAVO” and applauds.

 After each round, choose a new hider and seeker. This allows for just about everyone to play the more active roles.

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