Good morning, teachers.   Cecilly has some more ideas to use with flash cards that I’m posting today. If you don’t have any flash cards, there are several sites you can get some. D’net and Wendy have a set (see my links) and I have a set, too, on my web site. I am going to expand my set over the holidays with ledger line notes.

The first game is called Three  Strikes. I plan to use this with some students who love baseball but all student should like it.

Place flash cards in a bag along with 3 cards that are marked with an X on them (strikes). The student pulls a card hoping to avoid a strike. Answer the non-strike cards as long as possible until there are no more, or the student has pulled all 3 strike cards and ultimately “strikes out.”

The next game is called Toss A Card. You can use rhythm, note, or any other flash card.

Scatter the flash cards  on the floor randomly. Toss a bean bag and do whatever the card requires (name/play the note, clap the rhythm, etc.).

Cecilly’s last game I”m going to post today is Uncover.

Lay whatever flashcards you want to use on a table or floor with another colored piece of paper on top of them. Place 1 additional colored piece of paper on the table but with no flashcard underneath. This is the one to avoid. Ask student to “uncover” a card and answer it. If they can successfully uncover all the cards while avoiding the empty one, they are the winner. The game stops when the empty one is uncovered.

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