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Practice Chart 2016

I have a few notices before I discuss today’s post. First, a gigantic thank you to my readers for supporting the website. Without your help I would not have been able to manage this blog for the last 10 years, especially now … Continue reading

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Robot Practice Chart

Robot Practice Chart One of my piano parents asked if I had a practice chart for her son. Actually I did, since I seem to have all kinds of things sitting in my files from years past but it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Student Challenge Chart to Edit or Print by Hand

[Not Editable] Student Challenge Chart [Personalize on your computer] Fillable Student Challenge Chart Today I am posting two versions of a chart to make a list of students in your studio. I made two versions. The first one is blank so you … Continue reading

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Colorful Flower Themed Practice Sheet

Flower Practice Chart Last week I posted a robot themed practice chart. But some students, especially my young girls, prefer a more colorful version. So today I am sharing with you a practice chart full of pink and blue, and … Continue reading

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