Pre-reading Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Pre-Reading

I wrote a little song about the Easter Bunny in several different levels of difficulty. This is the first version. It is suitable for young beginners who are comfortable with the thumbs on the white keys. I also have an on-the-staff version for students in their 2nd method book (Level 1 in most methods, Level 2 in Hal Leonard)  that I am working on. This is the reason I like to self publish. I can customize music for different levels.

To help students who get their hands mixed up, I like to highlight the right and left hands with 2 different colored highlighters. If you have never done this in their lesson book you will be surprised how helpful it is. Students enjoy picking out the colors and that adds a little motivation. (Try to find a set with purple. It’s very hard to come by!) We all have students who focus on one hand and need some extra help to get them together. Some students always get the left and right hands mixed up, as well as some adults, such as me! Simple songs like this can really help that problem before they move on to reading on the staff.

Blogging is a spare time activity for me, and I have not had time to post all the spring time material I’ve made. Sometimes things sit in my files for years before I have time to modernize, revise, and post it. Thank you for all your suggestions, and thanks for understanding! I really appreciate and have learned so much from my readers and the blogging community.

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9 thoughts to “A Fun Pre-Reading Easter Bunny Song

  • Ladyd Piano

    Oh, I agree and usually highlight the bass notes in yellow for those students who need help with learning the left hand notes. I especially like this song and will share it with my 5 year old kids.Thanks Susan for making this Easter season so special!

  • Jann

    Highlighting is very helpful, I do this quite often with my beginners (and beyond for those who STILL have trouble remembering which hand is which!). Thank you for your wonderful creations, they’re very popular in my studio! Jann

  • Whitney page

    Oh my goodness! I discovered your site last week and am having the most wonderful time devouring all your great ideas. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I am a first year teacher and these are really going to add some nice surprises for my students.

    The idea to color code the hands is so fabulous! I have only seen this once before. It was so garishly done I didn’t think my students could focus on the music, so I didn’t buy the book. Your is subtle, but obvious. And, the piece is just darling! I plan to let all my students enjoy it next week.

    Thank you for all these wonderful resources! Happy Easter!

    • susanparadis

      Whitney, I’m glad you like the piece. I’m kind of fond of it, so I’m really glad others like it!

  • Lorie Burningham

    I love the highlighted hands. It saves me from using my removeable tape! I have yet to find something that I don’t like that you produce. My students loved all of the St. Patricia Day ideas! Next week is group lessons with the Easter ideas.

    • susanparadis

      Lorie, what a nice comment. Thank you so much!
      Removable tape is great, but it does save a little time when it’s done already. It’s nice to be able to do both.
      I’ve had problems removing my removable tape. Has anyone experienced this?

  • susanparadis

    Thank so you much. I’m so glad someone else can use my Easter bunny piece and that my material has helped you out.
    Don’t you think all your years of general music teaching helps as a private piano teacher? I know that experience has certainly helped me!

    • Pam Johnson

      Absolutely – about my experience as a general music teacher! I started teaching piano before I taught in the elementary schools — and it’s been interesting to think about how my piano teaching has evolved due to my school teaching experiences. I’m an Orff teacher – and all that training really revolutionized my teaching –in and out of the classroom!

  • Pam Johnson

    Yay! I was hoping you would have an Easter piece! I love your material, Susan, and each new thing is exciting and very useful! My teaching has been revitalized with your materials. Thanks so much for all you do AND for making available to us all! I have – in the last few years – begun taking younger students (5 yrs old) and was worried about what to do with them to keep them engaged and interested. I taught general music in elem. schools for years – so I often use those materials (especially un-pitched instrument activities to get the little ones away from the keyboard and moving), which work well — but your material has been invaluable. They love it! Keep it coming!

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