Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle 1

Animal Alphabet Search and Find Bundle 2

[Updated: To make it easier, all the Animal Alphabet Search & Find pages are now in two bundles. Bass B to treble G and in bundle 1, and Bass C up to A (below middle C) are in bundle 2. There are 12 pages total.]

This is the third  in a series of “Search and Find” games. A few days ago I posted Search and Find Middle C and Search and Find D. Today’s game is E, featuring an elephant who loves to eat anything yummy. More instructions are found on the Middle C page.

This game is for young beginners who are just starting to learn notes on the staff.  I made this game to go along with the song Elephants Are Eating (which has more than one note, thankfully!)  To play the game, give the student some bingo tokens, such as the one that go with a magnetic bingo chips wand. I am working on a song for G and the rest of the Search and Find Games. I’ll post them in the next week or so as I get them ready and try them out with my students.  


  • Search and Find E (free printable from my website)
  • Magnetic bingo chips to use with a magnetic wand, or other game tokens you have on hand


  • Print the game board
  • Place bingo chips next to the game board
  • Instruct the student to find and cover all the E’s

Directions for other ways to use the game

  • Play using a timer and make it a game to see how fast the student can cover the  D’s.
  • Laminate the game board or place into a sheet protector and let the students circle the E’s with a dry erase marker.
  • Print a copy for the student’s binder and ask the student to circle all the E’s with their favorite color crayon.
  • Hand the student note flash cards (such as the Fly Flash Cards) one at time. If the card is a E, they cover it with a bingo chip. After they see the card, they give it back so you will have enough E’s to cover them all.


  • To learn how to visually identify middle E on the staff
  • To improve fine motor skills in the fingers by picking up the small game tokens


  • Preschool and early elementary ages
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