Hurray Thanksgiving Day

Hurrah Thanksgiving Day

There aren’t too many Thanksgiving carols and hymns,  and trying to find a pre-reading one is even harder. With this in mind, I started writing some this summer, but time being in short supply, this is the only one I’ve been able to post.

As I wrote it I thought about all the fun I had when I was a little girl in South Carolina getting together with all my relatives on Thanksgiving on the farm. I had many cousins, and we all played together outside and had a great time.   When I asked one of my beginning students what is the most fun about Thanksgiving, she said it was playing with her cousins, so I guess things have not changed that much after all!

This beginning piece is not in middle C position, so follow the fingering on the tiny keyboard. There is a skip on the first line in the left hand as well as a fourth. That will be a problem, especially the skip,  so practice your “skipping fingers” on the piano cover. I highlighted the left and right hand parts to make it easier for one of my students. I also made an on-the-staff version, and I hope I get it posted before Thanksgiving!

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4 thoughts to “A Thanksgiving Pre-reading Piece

  • cltacademyofmusic

    Thanks, Susan! It’s always great to find seasonal pre-staff pieces.

  • carol dawn

    Great idea!! I love the different shades for right and left hands. Much more pre-reader friendly, as they say.

  • Stacey

    So happy to have run across your website! What a wonderful resource for new ideas, songs, and teaching aids. Thank you for putting your stuff out there for all of us!!

  • Innesa

    It is a nice piece. I think my beginners will like it.thank you


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