Counting Up the Mountain

Counting up the Mountain

Counting up the mountain is a great game to work on rhythm, and now with the addition of some new cards, older students can play.

One of the teachers who has used this game sent me some new ideas for cards with rests and some other things to go along with the game,  and she gave me permission to post them.  Before there were only 2 pages of cards to this game, but with her additions there are now 3 pages.   I always thought the game needed some more cards, so thanks to Janet for sending these ideas to me.

This is a game for students who are just learning the rhythmic value of whole, dotted half, half, quarter notes and rests in 4/4 time. The teacher holds up a card or the student draws a card and moves 4 places for whole notes, 3 places for a dotted half, and so on. The harder page of rhythms is for more advanced students to add the note values up and move that number. It’s a quick game the teacher or parent can play with the student or several beginners can play together.  You can probably think of other ways to use the game board. Hopefully the new cards will add to the fun.

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