Back To School

Back To School

I wrote another piece for my beginning pre-school student. I haven’t actually used it yet. Does anyone want to check it out for me and see if there are any errors? I usually like to use something before I post it.

This time I wrote a simple duet. My student is getting really good at playing with me. He always reminds me to play an introduction!

Soon, he is going to be using his thumb and pinkie. But I don’t want to go on until I am really sure he can follow 3 notes. I hope it is soon because I’ve just about written all the 3 note tunes I can think of!

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5 thoughts to “Back to School

  • Debra

    Love the “red right hand” and “blue left hand” notes! The book I started my little pre-reader in used that, and we’ve moved on to other materials and still like to highlight left with blue and right with red. (Highlighter tape, of course!) Your stuff should be published.

  • Jill Gubler

    Love this. I love duets and so do my students. Thank you for your generosity in sharing!

  • Joanne

    Thank you, Susan. It printed fine. I’m adding it to my pre-staff warm-ups.

  • Joanne

    The link to ‘Back to School’ did not work. It said ‘404 Not Found’.

    • susanparadis

      Thanks for letting me know! It should be fixed now.

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