Black Friday Sale
From November 24 until Monday, Nov. 27, all the books in my store are on sale for 30% off. Plus, the complete bundle of the practice incentive Music Money is also on sale.

Books on sale include:

The books in my store rarely go on sale! All my music comes with a studio license, so after you save it on your computer, you can print as many copies as you wish to give to your students. You can also download it to your iPad or mobile device.

This is your chance to try printable music, if you haven’t before. You will find it is so easy to always have it on your computer, ready to print when you need it. You can print individual pages from these books, or have them made into books at your local copy shop.

All of these books are great for giving to students who have finished their primer book but need a little extra review before they are ready to move on. Plus, students love the fun lyrics and colorful art on each page.

They are also good for students who are “stuck” in middle C position and need some easy music to bridge the gap. They can be used as supplementary books to stretch out their method book with more material, or as sight reading material. Most of the books include duet accompaniments.

Take this opportunity to stock up!


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