Candy Bar Lines

 Candy Bar Lines

Here is another worksheet with the  “Summer Treats” theme.  This is for a student who has learned eighth notes and needs some reinforcement in counting. I also made a black and white version that students can color, but this time it’s on the second page of the file. If you are not sure how to print one page from a multi page PDF document, check out my FAQ for a tutorial.

I also have in my files some more add the bar lines worksheets with dotted notes and sixteenth notes that I will add when I have time.

Find all the Summer Treats worksheets here. 

I thought I’d give this a try on my iPad to show you how it looks.


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2 thoughts to “Candy Bar Lines

  • cheryl

    I have tried to print the fly swatter cards, only the first two would print, I could not even get the rest to download or the small ones, the word cards would not load either.

  • Diane Lindsay

    Thank you for the great activity. This will work well at group lessons too.


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