Candy Heart Bass Notes is a cute music theory worksheet for beginning music students to match notes on the bass clef to the correct note name.

Scroll down to open Candy Heart Bass Notes

If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve been on a “candy heart” theme for the last few weeks. Imagine my surprise when I read that the candy hearts we’ve used for years would not be available this year. Would that make my worksheets obsolete in a few years if the younger generation had never heard of candy hearts? I don’t even like candy hearts although as a child I loved getting them in my classroom Valentine cards. Fortunately, I found out they are not going away and will still be around next year. Evidently the company that makes them was experiencing some difficulties.

My next biggest conundrum was should I should post the bass or treble note worksheet first because I plan to post both. After discussing it with my board of directors, which consist of my computer and me, I decided to go with the bass notes first because that is the clef students have the most trouble with.

This is a good worksheet to use with your iPad or other tablet. The layout is fairly simple and all they have to do is draw lines. It will save you some paper and ink.

A less technological way to save paper is to print one copy and slip it into a page protector. Use a wet erase marker and you can use the same printed page for years. Store all your worksheet pages in a binder with dividers for different music concepts and holidays.

Click here for Candy Heart Bass Notes


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  • Donna Walker

    A really nice, helpful site. Thank you.


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