Candy Heart Treble Notes is a cute music theory worksheet for beginning music students to match notes on the treble clef to the correct note name.

♥Scroll down to open Candy Heart Treble Notes♥

A few days ago I landed on a non-music website for classroom teachers that was bemoaning the use of worksheets as non-educational busy work. It said that some teachers pass out packets of worksheets instead of doing their job and actually teaching the subject. Music teachers don’t have to worry about being accused of that. When I was a classroom music teacher I stood in front of 12 classes each day and totally exhausted myself as I tried to make each class as dynamic and engaging as the last while keeping 35 children from taking over the class.

As private lesson teachers we also focus on individual instruction. Piano teachers are multi-faceted in the skills we teach such as these off the top of my head: music reading, artistry, technique, performance, how to interpret different styles, how to play without hurting ourselves, stage presence, coordination, ear training, vocabulary, and organizational skills. On top of all that, we must teach music theory, an Advanced Placement course, which is a full-time subject in itself! And we’re supposed to do all that in a 30 to 45 minute lesson once a week while we also prepare them for their next festival or exam!

It takes a long time to learn note names, and the more practice, the better. So if the simple worksheets I make help in some way with the theory part of our job description, then go for it!

Last week I posted the bass clef version of this Valentine’s worksheet, and today I am posting the treble clef version, Candy Heart Treble Notes. The layout is simple, so this is a good sheet to use with your iPad or tablet if you have one. Click here for the bass clef version.

I like to print out a few of my favorite worksheets like this to have on hand so I have something to give students who are waiting for their parents to pick them up while I’ve moved on to the next student. We all have a few students who occasionally show up early, so I have a theory worksheet for them while they are waiting with nothing to do.

Today concludes my month-long focus on Valentine piano teaching material. I’ve posted nine new and old free resources and I hope you have been able to use some of them. For more Valentine material, check out the Free archives here. (You will have to scroll down)  Now it is on to St. Patrick’s day fun!

Click here for Candy Heart Treble Notes

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4 thoughts to “Candy Heart Treble Notes

  • Jane Burlinson

    Thank you, Susan,
    I love receiving your posts and worksheets. I have been collecting and laminating them then categorizing them for a while now; it works so well to give my students theory practice wile their siblings play.

    • Susan Paradis

      Jane, thanks for the reminder. It’s a great idea to use them for siblings who are just sitting around waiting!

  • Anna Laws

    Thank you for a great free resource! Your candy heart treble clef page says to draw a line from the heart to the correct bass clef note. OOPS! 🙂

    • Susan Paradis

      Anna, thanks for letting me know! I’ll fix it right away.


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