Carol of the Bells Piano Trio

Carol of the Bells Piano Trio $7.99

3 versions of the score, 18 pages including cover page

Every year I write a piano trio (3 students at one piano) for my students to practice in advance and then play together at our Christmas group lesson. It has to be very easy to learn and simple to put together because there is no rehearsal! I usually have more than 3 students in a group, so I drag in keyboards as necessary. If there are beginning students who are not able to learn a part, I give them a percussion instrument to play along, and we practice that in advance, too. I added finger cymbals to Carol of the Bells. I want every student to feel comfortable. Since I started this tradition, my students have told me how much they enjoy it and look forward to it each year!

Today I am adding my trio arrangement of Carol of the Bells (18 pages $7.99) to the store section of my website. For the next week it will be on sale for $5.99. This is a studio license, so a single teacher may print unlimited copies each year.

There are 3 different varieties of scores included because that is what I need when I teach a trio, and I thought it would help you, too. There is the typical piano trio score, a teacher’s (conductor’s) score, and individual parts for each player to take home and practice. It adds up to 18 pages.

This trio is for 5 hands! The bass part uses only the left hand. Of course, you might want to modify that, and feel free to do so. This is a good part to give to a parent or an older student who is happy to sight read it.

I wanted this piano ensemble to sound as close to the original choral music as possible, so I found the original, public domain, choral score in Russian, and transcribed it for piano. The original Russian lyrics are not about Christmas at all, but is a New Year’s song!

I had two age groups work on this last year, an elementary group and a middle school group. I assigned it about a month before the group lesson time, and practiced it at their lesson with me playing the other parts. They loved it so much that they wanted to play it over and over at the group lesson!  I have a diverse group of students, and this was music that all my students were comfortable playing.


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7 thoughts to “Carol of the Bells – Easy Piano Trio

  • Tana

    I have 3 new transfer students (siblings) that are looking forward to playing Christmas music. This will be perfect for them. I made a title page using a Christmas Bells and Holly Border from which came out great. Thanks so much for making this available!

    • Tana

      Oh, I had only printed the first 11 pages. Now I see you have a title page at the end:) The holiday season isn’t even here yet, and I’m in too much of a rush.

  • Ellen

    Thank you, Susan! I can’t wait to try this with my students!!

  • Sara

    Oh how wonderful! ‘just purchased 🙂
    (fyi, it may just be my computer, but couldn’t hear the audio sample)

    • Sara

      oops! just fixed computer speakers! audio sample loud and clear!

  • Kelly Koch

    This might work great because we had SO many students who wanted to play Carol of the Bells last year. Any videos by chance of 3 students at a piano playing this? Trying to consider the logistics. Thanks!

  • Barbara

    Hi Susan,
    Love, love this trio. My students will be crazy for it. Most of them like this song for it’s simple melody, and now, for them to be able to have fun by playing it with two other students will make it magical this year. I HAD to order it…even before breakfast:)

    I would love to see you add your other trios to the store. I’m always looking for ways to make piano more social for the students and trios are a wonderful option for that.

    Thanks and have a wonderful day!


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