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Music Valentine Card

Susan Paradis Valentine Card

Valentine Card

Today’s post is a free, one page, music Valentine card for you to give your students. It is made to be printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper and folds to  a 5.5″ x 4.25″ card. Once folded, it has 4 pages. It has 3 easy pencil puzzles inside: a music sudoku, a music word search, and a sweet little music note-sentence to complete.

This is made for US letter size paper. When you print, be sure to print it with the free Adobe Reader DC and select “actual size.”

It is designed on one page, so when you print it, you need to fold it twice. First fold the 11-inch side in the middle so “Happy Valentine’s Day” with the cat holding the valentine is facing you. Then fold it again so the note story puzzle is on the back.

Now you have a 5.5″ x 4.25″ Valentine card ready to pass out. If you want an envelope to fit, you can get them from an office supply store. [I have a template to make an undecorated envelope yourself. Leave your request in a comment and I will email it to you.]

Also today I am posting a new fun, intermediate level jazzy solo Here I Come, which will be on sale for one week.

Here’s a video showing how to fold the card!

Hope you will enjoy these two new items!

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Throwback Thursday • New Year’s Game

New Year's Game

New Years Game

Have you ever had a student return from the holidays and sadly inform you that they had been out-of-town and didn’t open their books the entire time?  I usually turn it into something funny, like, “I can’t believe that they don’t allow you to bring pianos on airplanes anymore!” or something equally silly. One student thought I was serious and wanted to know if we could do that in the old days. That might have been the same student who thought I rode a horse and buggy to piano lessons.

If your student is a beginner, pull out this New Year’s game, and after this brief review of music symbols and vocabulary, you can get back to work at the piano!

This game is very much like the Birthday Game. [The art is the same, but the Birthday Game is a 3-level note-identification game, including ledger lines. If you have older students, you might want to give it a try.]

Below are two ways to use this activity, but please feel free to make up your own rules.


  • Beginning piano students.


  • New Year’s Game board.
  • Star cards cut into circles.

Directions for Student/Teacher

  • Print only one copy of the game board. You and your student will use the same game board.
  • Place the circle cards in a container.
  • Each player will choose a color of star to cover. For example, the student will cover the yellow stars on the board, and the teacher will cover the blue stars.
  • Players take turns closing their eyes and drawing a card from the container.
  • After drawing a card, the player identifies the symbol and places the card on the correct symbol on the game board.
  • If young beginners do not know the answer, help them out because we want the student to be successful.
  • The object of the game is to cover all of one color of stars on the game board.

Alternate Activity

  • The student draws all the cards and identifies them as they place them in the correct spot.
  • You can time older beginners to see how long it takes them. Some students freeze when they are timed, but others love it.


  • To review music vocabulary words and symbols.







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Throwback Thursday – Christmas or Music Vocabulary Words

Christmas Tree Vocabulary

Christmas or Music Vocabulary Color

Christmas or Music Vocabulary B&W

Today’s Throwback Thursday is Christmas or Music Vocabulary, a fun worksheet for music classes. It is a good thing to pass out in your Christmas group lessons while you wait for everyone to show up. It is also a fun party activity for students to work on together. I made a black and white version for classroom teachers to pass out in music classes. However, the color version doesn’t use as much ink as it seems to because the tree is not solid green.

And don’t forget, you can always print one copy and slip it inside a clear plastic page protector. Then use a wet or dry erase marker on the page protector. Plus, when you put it in a page protector, it makes it easy to store in a binder so you can find it later!

On this worksheet, the Christmas tree is strung with various words. Some are words from Christmas around the world. Others are music vocabulary words students should know. There is one word which can be both. Who will be your first student to discover that an “ornament” is a musical embellishment as well as something you put on your tree!

I first posted this 7 years ago. Where has the time gone! If you printed it back then you might notice I listed one word two times, and that has been fixed!

Please consider leaving a donation to help with the expense of having all the free material I’ve posted over the years. Because my site is so big, I recently shopped around to find a new web host, and now I have to have a “big time” contract. I want to keep my site free from ads or subscriptions, so if you are in a position to donate, please consider it. And I want to thank all my past supporters who have made this blog possible for the last 11 years!



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Hanukkah Music Resources

Hanukkah Music Printables

Today is the first day of Hanukkah, so I thought I’d post some free Hanukkah printables.  I would be really happy if they made some little piano students happy! If you are a classroom teacher, you have my permission to use them with your students. Please don’t email the digital files to anyone, but instead send the link to this page.

Hanukkah or Music

Hanukkah or Music

In the fun sheet above, students distinguish between music vocabulary and Hanukkah associated words.

Happy Hanukkah Vocabulary

Happy Hanukkah Vocabulary


Color the Hanukkah Gift

Color The Hanukkah Gift


Menorah Candles Worksheet

Menorah Candles Worksheet


Name the Dreidel Notes

Name the Dreidel Notes


Golden Menorah Composing Activity

Golden Menorah Composing Activity





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