The thing about Cecilly’s games is that they are so versatile. You can play them in many ways and ability levels. I tried this tic toe game using flash cards from my goofy piano card game and played it on a table. (I don’t get down on the floor very easily these days.)  I used colored chips from Staples. It was a quick game and broke up a lesson that was getting intense. Here is how Cecilly plays it:

Place flash cards face down in a tic tac toe grid formation on the floor or table. If your cards have the answers on the back, then cover them with colored squares of paper slightly larger than the cards. Give the student nine single colored poker chips or something similar. Give yourself a few of a different color. The student chooses a card to identify.  If they are correct, they place a token on that card, and continues with another card choice trying to get a 3 in a row. Only if the student makes a mistake do you put your token on the card. See how many 3 “in a rows” can be earned up to a full “cover the card” result.

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