Christmas assignment page for beginners

Christmas Assignment Page for Young Students

If you have some young students and use binders for your lesson assignments, then this Christmas Assignment page is for you! I modeled it after the young beginner assignment page that has been a long-time favorite on my site.

Many pre-school and first graders are just starting to read and some don’t read at all yet. So I made easy to read lists such as “things you play on the piano” and “things to do in the writing book”.

Since I use several different books depending on the child as well as things I make myself, that works well. When they are far enough along to use average age books, they look forward to getting the “big girl one” as one of my students said a while back.

The keyboard at the top comes in handy. They can label the keys, draw a 5-finger scale, or find starting notes. I also can draw new scales for them, and it is nice and big.

There are two pages to this PDF,  because my printer can print on both sides. By making this printable two pages, it can print both side easily. If you are not using a duplex printer, remember that every time you print you will get 2 pages unless you specify to print page one only. If you don’t have a duplex printer, make sure you get one the next time you buy a printer. Printers also have a grey-scale setting if you want to print in black and white.

To make it easy, punch holes in both sides of their assignment sheet so you can turn it over and easily use the other side. They need to see the assignment sheet when they first open their binder.

One of the best things I bought a few years ago was an electric three hole punch from Amazon. It has saved me so much time and makes my binder system so much easier. It has been very trouble-free and was worth the price. [As an Amazon affiliate, a very small portion of the cost goes to support the website. I only list items I have personally purchased for my studio. Thank you for your support.]


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2 thoughts to “Christmas Assignment Page for Young Students

  • Diane

    Hi, Susan, Recently many of your downloads (uploads) have not been working for me. They always did in the past. Perhaps it is just me and technology on my end.

    • Susan Paradis

      Diane, there is a new update for Adobe Reader DC, so be sure and install that. Maybe you can think of something you are doing differently or some recent changes to your operating system.


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