Snowman Note Bingo

[Updated: This game is now called Snowman Bingo.] Just in time for your holiday piano parties, I am posting a Christmas bingo game. This game features a snowman, so you can play it after Christmas, too. I like note bingo games with only 9 notes on a card because the game goes faster. In a group situation the game can be played more than once, so more students can win.

I made this game for students who know all the notes on the grand staff. One way to play it with beginning students is to give them a chart of the notes they have not learned yet so they can play along with the others. There is usually a chart in method books that we all have on hand. Or you can print out one of the many staves I have on my website and label the notes for the student to use.

There are 5 PDF pages with 2 boards on each page, supplying enough game boards for 8 students to have a different one.  One page includes calling cards. Print the number of pages you need on card stock and cut in half. Laminate or cover the boards with clear contact paper to protect them.


Give each student a game board and some bingo chips. Draw a calling card.  If the student has that note on their board, they cover it with a bingo chip. I use magnetic wands and plastic chips, but it might be fun to use white chocolate candy chips as bingo chips and call it “snow.”  The game is over when the first person covers all the notes on their board.


1. For quick games, students only need to cover 3 notes, either diagonally or in a row up or down. This is great for students with short attention spans.

2. This game can also be played with the student and teacher. Place alphabet cards in a bowl and take turns drawing and covering the notes.

3. Students who know their notes really well like to play 2 cards at a time.

4. For an older student who needs to review ledger lines, play a different game.  Instead of using alphabet letters, place a stack of ledger line flash cards in front of the student.  After drawing a flash card, they put a chip on a corresponding note on their game board that is a different octave.

When the game is over, use your magnetic wand as the “snow plow” to swoop up their chips!


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