Christmas Recital Certificate to pass out after your music recital.

Scroll down for the link to the free Christmas recital certificate.

A few years ago some teachers asked me if I had had ever made a Christmas recital certificate. My first thought was to do a Google search and find it on my site for them.  Alas, I couldn’t find it on my site anywhere! What had happened to it? Had my mischievous Elf on the Shelf imbedded himself inside my site and hid it from me? More likely I made it and never got around to posting it. So two years ago I polished it up and hastily posted it on the “Free” page. But evidently I never had time to make a blog post featuring a Christmas recital certificate. Since today is Throwback Thursday, the certificate is finally getting its own blog page so that it will show up better when teachers try to search for it. 

On top of the missing certificate, WordPress, the interface I use for this entire website, has completely upgraded, just to foil old-timers like me who had finally learned how to navigate the old version. I find it more confusing than when they forced us to use a new prayer book in church!

So this post, which should have not taken that long, is taking hours because I have to keep doing a Google search to figure out how to do the simplest of things. I have the option of going back to the old version. But I am very stubborn and refuse to let new things defeat me. I’m going to keep trying, but if you see odd things here in the next few months, it’s probably my fault. Unless I finally give up and revert back to the WordPress I know and love. 

Now I know that many of you have already had your Christmas recital and I’m sorry this is too late for you. Maybe you can remember it for next year! 

Christmas Recital Certificate

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One thought to “Christmas Recital Certificate”

  • Sherry

    HI Susan,

    I need direct permission to print the free recital certificate at Staples. It must include that you give Sherry Daniel permission to print for personal use. If you are able to do this I would appreciate it very much.


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