Musical Christmas Lights Musical Christmas Lights

Musical Christmas Lights is an update of my old Christmas game. This is a bingo-type game for students who can identify notes up to sixteenth notes. The remainder of the symbols are from beginning to about level 2.

I remade it using a lot less ink. I also remade all the graphics so they looked fresher, and added a fermata to the game! For teachers who have to use black ink only printers, I made a black and white version.

Before you print, be aware that you don’t need to print both the color and black and white versions. If you don’t know how to select individual pages to print, please check out my FAQ.


  • Musical Christmas Lights printable
  • Calling cards for the teacher
  • 20 bingo chips for each Christmas tree printable used
  • Crayons or colored pencils for the black and white version

Directions for color version

  • Print only the colored Christmas trees. Use as many individual cards as you need. If you have more than 6 students, group some on the same card.
  • Print and cut out the teacher calling cards.
  • Optional: Do not cut out the calling cards. Simply print and call out the symbols and put a check by the ones you have called.
  • To help children find the symbols quickly, call the color and the symbol, such as “Red, quarter note.”
  • The student covers the symbol on his card.
  • The first student who covers all the symbols wins.

Directions for black and white version

  • Print the black and white cards and the teacher calling card page.
  • With the printable open on your computer monitor to the teacher calling card page, use it as a guide to label the color of each symbol on your black and white version of the teacher calling cards.
  • Color the lights on the cards using the teacher calling cards as the guide to the colors.
  • For a classroom, make a copy for each student. Tell the students or write on your whiteboard the color each symbol should be colored.
  • Play the game using the directions for the color version, or create your own rules.


To review basic music vocabulary and symbols.

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3 thoughts to “Christmas Lights

  • Cara

    This is such a great game!! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy New Year!

  • Joanne


    Your new Christmas lights are lovely, as usual. Yesterday, we used your older version at lessons.

    I know this is a busy season. Would you be able to make one tree with the very basics, quarter, half, dotted half, whole notes, clef signs, double bar, measure time signature, 4/4, 3/4. I know there are 20 ‘lights’, so even if some symbols are duplicates that would be great. One tree of the no color version would be fabulous. I have two little ones who could color in the lights. I wouldn’t even need any cards, just a tree.

    I understand if time is a factor. Thank you for all you do to create beautiful and creative activities to teach our students. Wishing you many Christmas blessings.

  • Ognjen Djuraskovic

    Good game!!


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