Color the Egg Puzzle

Color the Egg Puzzle

Today I am posting a music worksheet and game to identify notes around middle C. I plan to use it as a coloring sheet to send home in their binder because I don’t have time to do this at a lesson. However, I think students might enjoy cutting it out after they color it. With Mom or Dad’s help they can put the pieces back together as they name the notes.

Make it a Game!

Another way to use this printable is to make it an activity for a group lesson or for a home school music lesson. Color the colored sections as indicated. Cut along the black lines and put the puzzle pieces in a bowl. Students draw puzzle pieces one at a time and try to be the first one to put the egg back together. If they draw a note they already have, they have to put it back. Students can stick the piece down with double-sided tape. This game requires fine motor skills, so students need to old enough for fine cutting. This would be fun craft and game for a music camp.

I use inexpensive double-sided tape that is a lot less messier than glue, so you might want to pick some up.


  • To reinforce note names around middle C


  • All elementary age children who have learned the notes around middle C


  • Worksheet
  • Crayons (brown can be substituted for pink)

If cutting out and using as a puzzle, you need these materials:

  • Double sided tape or glue
  • Scissors
  • Colored construction paper as the background to stick down the puzzle

I have received so many nice emails and comments lately. Thank you so much! Sometimes my readers find mistakes and let me know about them. I appreciate that, too, because I am not a very good proof-reader!

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13 thoughts to “Color the Egg Puzzle

  • Doreen

    Thank You from Malaysia!!!

    • susanparadis

      You are so very welcome, Doreen!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Susan,
    I like your website very much. For this puzzle, I actually laminate the sheet and cut into pieces so it becomes a real puzzle. To finish the puzzle, kids need to follow my instructions- I am calling out the letters they need from the bottom up, they are to put the right notes on the right place. They love it. Thanks for your great ideas on piano teaching. God bless you

    Lisa from Illinois

    • susanparadis

      Lisa, that’s a great idea! Thanks!

  • Keri

    THank you for this activity! My students and I have had fun with it. Wanted to let you know that you forgot to add a color for F. It was kind of fun though because my kids got to pick their own color for that one. They thought that was fun!

    • susanparadis

      I noticed that right after I posted it. As soon as I noticed it I re-posted the correct version. Usually you have to refresh your browser to get new versions. I’m really sorry about that.

  • Becky Baker

    FUN, FUN, FUN! Love this! Thanks, Susan!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks for your comments! I’m glad you like it!

  • hannahc96

    I love this! It is such a good idea. 🙂 If it isn’t any more trouble, it would be wonderful to have a blank one so I can do treble clef only for my violin students. I don’t want you to have to go to extra work, so no problem if you can’t. Thank you for all the wonderful resources!

    • susanparadis

      Hannah, as much as I would like to send you one for treble only, I would have to completely remake it, and right now I just don’t have the time to get it done right now. I’m so sorry! Maybe it’s something I can do down the line.

      • hannahc96

        Oh, no problem at all! I can’t tell you how much your resources have been a blessing to me, and I don’t want you to go to any extra trouble.

  • susanparadis

    Thank you, Diane! I appreciate the feedback.

  • Diane Conway

    Love your recent additions! So great !

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