Find Left and Right with Colorful Hands

Colorful Hands Frog Series

Yesterday I wrote about making a binder to send home with material for young beginners. The idea is to give them some things to do over the summer. Be sure to go back and take the poll if you want some specific things for the binder. [Edited: I’ve revised this to make it part of the Fun With Frogs Series.]

I promised I would post things I am going to use in my binders, so here is something you should  put before Colorful Fingers. I am not posting these things in order, so use them however you see fit. However, I do present things to students in a very sequential manner!

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5 thoughts to “Colorful Hands

  • carol dawn

    Thanks for making the right hand red and left hand blue. That’s the way we distinguish them for the prereaders.
    Have the Jewel notes also in ruby red and dark blue now, too. They look very regal. I put little rings on the girls’ fingers to help them. You are a creative spark!!!

  • tdow

    Susan – I just have to say how much I appreciate how visually appealing your materials are. My students absolutely LOVE them. It makes a big difference. Thanks a million.

  • Nancy Potoczky

    Susan: Thanks so much for your great teaching materials. I am a farely new piano teacher (2nd yr) – and really appreciate a lot of your materials as most of my students are beginners and they come in handy with the way I teach!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks for the feedback! It makes me happy to know that my material can be used by more students than are in my studio.

  • Darlene Kliewer

    This is very cute and thank you for all of your helps. It is encouraging to me.


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