Rhythm Review Levels 1-3

Rhythm Review 1-3

[Edited to include the 2016 changes to the Texas theory tests!]

Today I am posting some worksheets to review rhythm concepts. There are three pages in this set, with more to come later. Each page increases slightly in difficulty and the levels, which do not correspond to piano methods, are labeled at the top left hand corner. To help sort the pages when I get in a hurry, each level is a different color. To download these free printables, click on the title above.

I’ve noticed that my students enjoy worksheets a lot more if I add a little color, so that is how I made these. They are fast enough to do in the lesson.

While the levels are compatible with the TMTA theory program, these worksheets contain rhythm concepts that every music student should know. The first level (that I use with my first graders) reviews quarter notes, dotted half notes, whole notes, and rests. The second level is slightly more difficult.  The third level uses the same rhythm values, but the questions are slightly more difficult.

We have to constantly review concepts in piano lessons or students will forget what we carefully taught them. In addition to being a good review, these are excellent worksheets to discover what a transfer student knows about rhythm.

Check back soon for the next set, which will review eighth notes and dotted quarter notes. At the top of this page, you can subscribe to the Word Press email which will let you know when something new is posted here.


  • To reinforce elementary rhythm concepts
  • To determine what concepts a transfer student has learned


  • These sheets were made for school grades 1 -3. However, they may be used by all beginning students.


  • Worksheet
  • Pencil
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11 thoughts to “Colorful Rhythm Review Worksheets – Elementary Level

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  • chrissabrown

    Thanks for this worksheet, Susan! Rhythm is something I find I’m always having to go over with students so this is great! Thanks again 🙂

    • susanparadis

      Thanks for your comment. Some students really have trouble remembering all the rhythm words. I have to keep reviewing, too!

  • chrissabrown

    Thanks so much for this worksheet, Susan! And I find rhythm in particular is something that needs so much going over, so this is great! Thanks again 🙂

  • S. S.

    Love your songs and theory sheets. Could you tell me what program(s) you use to design them?

  • Joy Morin

    What a nice worksheet! Thanks for sharing it.

    • susanparadis

      Thanks! I like your work, too!

  • LaDona's Music Studio

    As always, Susan, I am so impressed with your creativity and generosity. The online piano teaching community has been such a blessing. I look forward to every post of yours.

    • susanparadis

      Thanks! I am a big fan of your blog. It is really interesting. I read it from FlipBoard.

  • Whitney page

    Wow! Your timing is fabulous! I am teaching a lesson in basic rhythms for my young handbell choir tonight. The first worksheet reinforces everything they are going to ring. So glad to see this before I left for church! Thank you!

    • susanparadis

      Glad I got it out to you in time!


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