Play games with cute flash cards that feature piano keyboards

Cute Keyboard Flash Cards

Do you remember these cute keyboard flash cards I posted a long time ago? They are really fun in a goofy sort of way. I’m reposting them today for Throwback Thursday because I promised I would post some really fun games for beginning students.

Beginners love these keyboard cards. They are a fun and helpful way to teach new students the names of the piano keys. However, I don’t just hold up the card and ask what key it is. We use the cards in fun games that can be played several ways.

My favorite way to use these cards is in a private lesson. The student sits away from the piano. The cards are near the student. While you time him with a timer, (I use the one on my phone) he grabs a card, runs to the piano, and plays it. If students are really new to lessons, start with only one key, C, and then progress to C and F.

Here are some other suggestions:

  1. Play Swat the Fly like the fly note cards I made earlier. Place the cards on a table, call out a letter, and the student swats it with a (clean!) fly swatter as quickly as possible.
  2. You can play hide and seek with the cards, hiding the cards around the room. Tell your student to find the fly holding the “D”, for example. Little students need the cards to be very obvious. Older children like a challenge.
  3. In a  beginning group class,  pass out the cards and let students run up and play their note on the piano.
  4. In a group, students sit in a circle and pass the cards while music plays. When the music stops you call out a letter. The student with that card runs up and “swats the key” by dropping a braced finger into the key.

These are very colorful cards and I think they are worth the ink. But what makes these cards really pop out is to print on sturdy card stock and then laminate before you cut them out. Using my home laminator, I haven’t had any problems with the lamination coming off doing it this way.

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One thought to “Cute Keyboard Flash Cards”

  • Lisa Stevens

    I used the cards to play “Go Fish” it’s one of my kids’ favorite games. I just make sure there are 2 of each note in the stack.


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