This is a cute music theory worksheet for students to find whole step intervals on the piano keys.

Robo Whole Step KickOff

I wonder if your piano students know that robots take piano lessons? Of course they do! How else are they going to learn to play beautifully and not like a robot?

Poor robots. For years they have been held out as the way NOT to play. I’m sure they have some sort of complex about it. Or at least they would if they had feelings.

To make up for it, they are experts in music theory! Specifically, they are perfect at kicking the soccer ball to the correct whole step! And that is not so easy. You are probably wondering how I know.

My students and I tried it on a paper keyboard on the floor using a mini soccer ball. And while we had fun and laughed a lot, it was really hard! The ball kept rolling slowly, slowly off the correct key as we watched it, and it was really one of the funniest things I’ve ever done with students.

So to make it easier, I made this worksheet. It really is a lot easier than trying to kick a tiny soccer ball on a floor keyboard! But if you ever have a piano party or a music camp and you want to have some fun, you might give the soccer ball a try! Keep this in mind if you are having a studio party this year!

In the meantime, I hope your students enjoy today’s free printable. It is a cute music theory worksheet for students to draw a line to the whole step above and below the soccer ball. 🙂



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2 thoughts to “Robo Whole Step KickOff

  • Veda journagan

    I like the soccer ball and floor keyboard idea! Where do you get a floor keyboard? Yhanks so much for all you do to help us all have more fun learning with our students. Veda

    • Susan Paradis

      Veda, glad you find the articles here helpful! The floor keyboard I used in today’s post is on my site, and this week I’ll do a Throwback Thursday with all the details and links.


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