Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls Pre-Reading


Deck the Halls, a simple version with just the first part of the song,  is one of the carols I put in the Christmas book I made for a student a few years ago. I went back and forth about the rest of the carol. Several factors caused me to leave it off. First, it has an F# which is problematic in a pre-reading manuscript. Second, it would give the student 2 pages which is hard for a 5 year old to keep with, and third, my little ones can only do one page at a time at this point. I hope that if they can play the first part of the song they will be happy.

I am planning on posting the entire first verse in 5 finger position this week.  This version will also have the easy rhythm without dotted quarters and eighth notes. It will be in Middle C position, but it will keep the *interesting* 🙂 division of the melody between the hands. I did this for a student who is struggling with note reading.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t copy these arrangements from another book. I come up with all these crazy ideas myself at the piano, and I write them on the computer with words I learned as a child.

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