Don't Swipe My Sharp

Don’t Swipe My Sharp

The other day a student was working on accidentals while his sibling was waiting. “Why don’t you play the Don’t Swipe My Sharp game?” he asked. He told me that it was one of his favorite games and it really helps to learn sharps and flats. An older students thought this game up and if you don’t use the cutesy game pieces, it makes a good game for older students.

Even if you don’t have much time in your lesson for activities, I think this one is worth it. It is really lots of fun, with players swapping playing pieces back and forth, but learning while they play.

I  totally remade the playing cards with new graphics that fit a business card template, and I added a lot more “Swipe” cards, which has made the game so much more fun.  Get the PDF here. There is also a page of instructions, so don’t use your business card stock on that. I included the instruction page so you can store it with your cards in case you forget how to play. If you have already downloaded this game, I hope it has helped your students!

It is hard to explain this game, even though it is easy, so I made this visual guide. If you don’t understand it, let me know.










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6 thoughts to “Don’t Swipe My Sharp! – An Easy Game To Learn Sharps and Flats

  • Cynthia A McCaffety

    One of the best teaching games! The kids love it and they ALWAYS know their sharps and flats after one game!

  • Rosa

    Great idea, I’ll definitely try this one. I teach quite a few siblings too, and I think this would be perfect to break up the lesson.
    I find that bit of a break from focusing on playing/exercises halfway through the lesson can be really useful and make for a more productive lesson, so thanks for this!

  • Jeanne Kent

    Where did you get those cute little animal erasers? The only ones I have found in the stores nearby are too big for the keys. Great idea for learning sharps and flats!

    • Susan Paradis

      Jeanne, Several years ago I posted my magnetic cookie sheet, as well as some matching games to use with it. I get the erasers at craft stores, toy stores, and order them on the internet. They are kind of expensive, but I’ve been collecting them for so many years that I have a bunch, and my family likes to give them to me as gifts. The other day I found 3 unicorns for $1.00 at a local hobby shop.

  • Susan Paradis

    I just printed it out on my printer and it worked fine so I don’t know how to help. I have discovered that it is impossible for me to help people with their computer problems because everyone uses a different browser, computer, printer, etc. You might need someone knowledgable to come over and help you. Page 6 and 7 are the back to player 2’s cards. They are not necessary to play the game. Until I recently made these backs, I played the game many times without the backs. However, you do need a way to distinguish each players set of cards.

  • Dorothy Mullikin

    Looks like a great game. I have printed everything except page 7 which says “Error in printing.” Have you any suggestions? I’ve tried repeatedly.


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