Easter Egg Notes

Easter Egg Notes

I like to make holiday worksheets for writing note names and I realized I have never posted  one with Easter Egg notes. You can also use this with beginners to write L and S for line and space.

I made one copy on card stock and laminated it. It sits on the table with some dry erase markers and students can do it while they wait for lessons or for parents to pick them up. If a student is just learning the notes (and for younger children), I sit and do it with them because they need some help in saying the alphabet up and down the staff.

If students do enough of these throughout the year, they really do learn note names! Learning note names is a long process and it takes a lot of reinforcement.


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3 thoughts to “Easter Egg Notes

  • A Cassil

    I played this with several of my students yesterday and plan to use it all week. This is how I played it…I filled several easter eggs with jelly beans and let the student pick one. Then I poured the jelly beans on the piano keys, so each key had only one on it. Then I told the student to choose a jelly bean and put it on the correct place on the “Easter Egg Notes” staff. Afterwards, we put the beans back in the egg and they got to take them home. It was quick and let me see if they knew where the notes are located.

    Thanks! I love all the fun things you come up with.

    • susanparadis

      What a great idea! Students often know what note it is, but they don’t know where it is located on the piano.

  • Amy

    Cute! Thanks!


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