I am posting several games to play the week before Easter. Some teacher will be having group lessons and these games might come in handy if you have younger students.

Easter Egg Find The Notes

Easter Egg Find the Notes

This first game can be played with one student or a small group. After printing the cards in landscape format, cut them out and fold them so the egg is on one side and the note on the other. Hide them around the room. Ask the student to find all the quarter notes, or find all the whole notes. Little ones love to play this. For older children, set your timer and have a timed race. You might need to print out more than one copy. From experience I have found that if they are laminated they do not fold well unless you only laminate one side. These cards are similar to the  Quarter Note Hunt game that I posted a  while ago.

Easter Egg Rhythms

Easter Egg Rhythms

The second  game can be played more than one way, but it was designed for a group. Of course you can modify it for one student.  First, there are 2 pages and they need to be printed front and back on card stock so the rhythms are on the back of the eggs. If my rhythms don’t suit your students, print just the colored page and write in your own rhythms on the back.

After printing the front and back twice, I cut out the eggs and laminated them. The next step was to cut out the eggs after they were laminated.  I used this two-step process because I have trouble cutting laminated card stock in circles. Usually I design things with straight lines so I can cut them with my paper-cutter.

You have a choice of games with these cards.  You can hide them around the room and let a student or a group of students look for them. When all the cards are found, the student will clap  the rhythm of the card he found.   This is a good hide a seek game for students too old to play the first game. Be sure to print enough cards for your group.

Another way to use these cards  is to sit in a circle and pass the cards to some music. Older students like to play the music while younger ones pass cards. Have one less card than the number of students. When the music stops, everyone has to clap their rhythm card, and the student without a card is out.  Or you can pass one card and whoever has it when the music stops has to clap it. Well, the possibilities are endless and I’m sure you will have a lot better ideas than me! If older students are playing, you really will have to print some blank cards and draw  some harder rhythms.

Last week I posted a staff with little eggs on it for notes. This week, all the younger students are going to use it with jelly beans as notes on the staff. Then when we’re finished I’m going to let them choose a plastic egg that has a little chocolate egg inside and a rhythm note. If they know the name of the rhythm value, they can put all their jelly beans inside the egg and take it home. If they get it wrong (and I don’t think any will, because by now they all know their rhythm note values) I’ll let them keep trying until they get it right.  I want all that candy out of the house and I want them to go home happy!

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11 thoughts to “Easter Rhythm Games

  • Cara

    I’d like to print Easter Egg Rhythms, but when I click on it, I’m taken to a main Easter page. Can you let me know of a link that will take me right to Easter Egg Rhythms? Thank you!

    • Susan Paradis

      Cara, scroll down this page and click on the link Easter Egg Rhythms. The PDF file should open.

  • Svetlana

    Thank you very much for all your work! Great print outs, very useful, always with the link to coming holiday. Thank you again!!!

  • anneliese hymer

    I really appreciated the Easter egg game! My little ones have enjoyed searching the music room for the paper eggs, and putting the eggs in order so we can clap them. The older students enjoy just putting the eggs in order to clap the rhythm. They have enjoyed clapping the rhythms “backwards”. This makes them feel pretty cool. 🙂 Thanks for being so creative and sharing your amazing work with us! We’re so spoiled with you. Thank you!

    • susanparadis

      That’s a good idea. I hope teachers will come to these comments to get ideas and then tweak them to fit their own students.
      I put little rhythm notes inside Easter Eggs and hid them. When the student found them, he made up a rhythm pattern with the little notes.

  • Dianna Denley

    Tee hee 🙂 Thanks for the printer information too.

    It did take me a while to figure out how to do double sided printing on my black and white laser printer but after trial and error, it’s all good now 😉

    I’m having a bit of a giggle at my colour printer because it has a mind of its own. It is one of those fancy schmancy ones that is supposed to do double sided copies all on its own when directed (pulls the page back in and flips it around), but it has psychotic tendencies and refuses point blank to do double sided copies when asked nicely. It will however do double sided copies completely at random when totally unexpected!


    Oh, the coloured egg to note game worked wonderfully with the student I had in mind. She had been having some trouble trying to find the notes on the piano and remembering rhythms, so this was just perfect for her.

    Thanks again

    • susanparadis

      How funny. I have a computer that is very stubborn and will only print when it feels like it. It does a beautiful job, if it’s in the mood. Also it’s supposed to print double sided and print to the edge, but it never has done that. So I usually use my at least 15 year old, but it is a real workhorse.

      Thanks for another way to use the eggs. I hope other teachers will try your idea.


  • A Cassil

    What fun ideas! I’m going to print them out and use them in my lessons this week. Thanks!

    • susanparadis

      You have no idea how much I appreciate your comments!

  • Dianna Denley

    The coloured eggs are just gorgeous! Thank you.

    Due to my complete lack of technical knowledge with my colour printer (it is rather tempermental) and it’s determination NOT to do double sided printing for me today, I decided to do a slight variation of the egg hunt game. 😀

    I printed out the coloured eggs and the rhythms separately. On 7 of the eggs I wrote the music alphabet and on the remaining two, wrote ‘Note of choice’.

    I’m going to have separate stacks of coloured eggs and rhythms. The student gets to choose a coloured egg and find that note on the piano, or with a ‘note of choice’, they have to tell me which note they have chosen. Then they have to play the coloured egg note to the rhythm card they have turned over.

    Thank you so much Susan, for taking the time to share your ideas. I really appreciate it.

    • susanparadis

      Dianna, my printer cannot do two sided printing, either. When the PDF screen pops up, you can see on the left side a box to check if you want to only print one page. Type “1” and print it. After it prints, turn it over and and insert it back into your printer. This time type in page “2” and you will have double sided printed the manual way. Forgive me if you already know this, but I thought I would mention it because so many teachers tell me they are not sure how to manually print a 2 sided PDF document.

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