Students identify intervals of 2nds to 5th that move up or down on the staff.

Students identify intervals of 2nds to 5th that move up or down on the staff.

Easy Peasy Intervals

If last week’s interval worksheet was a little too hard for your students, try this one. The idea is the same as the last one. There are three intervals in a measure. The intervals move up or down. On each side of the measure there is a description of how the intervals move, such as “up a third, down a second.” Student select the correct answer by checking the correct circle graphic.

This one is easier because the only intervals I used were seconds, thirds, fourths, and fifths. These are intervals that are found in elementary music, so unless your students are very young, if they started lessons in the fall they will have no trouble with this. It was so easy for my student that he said it was “easy peasy” and that is why I named it Easy Peasy Intervals! 

This can also be used as a beginning worksheet for older students who have some experience in playing piano but have not been introduced to very much theory. After completing this worksheet, they can do the Prickly Intervals worksheet and the interval worksheet I posted last week, Interval Circles.

There is actually an easier one on my site if your student is completely new to intervals. Most of my interval worksheets have a home on my worksheet page here. When you open the page, start scrolling down until you reach the section with interval worksheets.

This is a worksheet for beginning intervals.

Interval Stars

I hope they will enjoy and learn something from these quick worksheets!

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