As I posted recently,  Nancy and Randall Faber  purchased the rights to all their music from FJH Music Company.   Maybe some teachers do not realize that when you are published by a music publishing company such as FJH, Hal Leonard, Fischer Price, Alfred, Kjos, Willis,  etc, they own the copyright to your work.  Copyrights can be bought and sold. Now  the Fabers will be able to make changes and publish what they wish,  if  it is financially reasonable.

This has to be an exciting time for them and I know it is for us as teachers.  They are extremely creative as musicians and pedagogues, so I look forward to their next developments.  One thing I would like to see is more exciting, motivational music by Nancy Faber at the elementary to early intermediate level. I hope that she has a few more ideas left that she can share with us! Is it just me, or does her music bring out the inner child in other teachers? Her music about dragons, horses, kings and queens, pirates, daydreams, all of that, reaches somewhere inside to fleeting memories, almost forgotten,  of the joys of my childhood. My students like it, too, so I don’t think today’s children are that much different than I was.  

Randall Faber recently had an announcement for their new release program.  I signed up and received a very nice email  that gave me permission to post the announcement here. If you are interested but are not sure what the cost will be, I suggest you call them up and ask the details.  Usually in new release programs teachers get a discount.  Here is the announcement:

Hello Teachers,

Thanks for your interest and excitement in Faber New Releases.

Our new release program is called the “Faber Teaching Adventures Club.”
This will be a Faber-only new release program. (This is NOT the Hal Leonard new release program).

Please call the Piano Adventures Hotline (toll-free) at
or email

Our upcoming releases will include updates in PreTime to BigTime, a sampling of the newly released Developing Artist Piano Literature Books with CDs, and new pedagogical materials in 2010!

We look forward to continuing the “teaching adventure” with you.

Happy Holidays!
Randy and Nancy


Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers for my painful back problem. Finally it is getting better and I can sit for brief periods of time to type. But I still am not able to sit for hours and and draw graphics,  which I just love to do.  After hearing from some others about their health problems, I realize I should be thankful for the health I have! 

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