Throwback Thursday is a weekly review of free material from Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources.

This bundle contains two colorful music theory worksheets for the iPad, and also black and white versions for printing.

Funny Thanksgiving Food Bundle

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a set of four Thanksgiving worksheets, two in color and two in black and white. I made the color pages to be used with an iPad because they take a lot of ink! Here is part of the original post. 

Maybe some of you are taking a trip on Thanksgiving and want something to keep your children busy when they get tired of movies and computer games. There are also some homeschool Moms who can use this in a music lesson next week.

There are two versions, one for learning piano keys, and the other has the easier notes around middle C on the staff. Each one comes in B&W and color.

The pages in color were not meant to be printed out, but to be used on an iPad or Android. There are several child-friendly PDF annotating apps you can download for your device.

However, if you want to print the color versions out, I suggest you print out just one copy of each. Put them into sheet protectors, and store them in a binder. Use page dividers to keep all the different printables organized, such as ThanksgivingChristmasRhythm, etc. Use an erasable marker on the printables, and you can use them over and over. If you leave the writing on the page too long it will not erase very well, so be sure to erase the marks before the end of the day.

For those of you who do not know print out just one page of a PDF document, take at look at my FAQ here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find “How to Print on Both Sides of Flash Cards.” I give instructions on how to print just one page.

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