Father We Thank Thee

Father We Thank Thee

Have you ever noticed the lack of Thanksgiving music for elementary piano students? Today I am posting an arrangement of one of my favorite hymns for children. I even wrote a teacher duet! I remember as a child singing this in elementary school and in Sunday school, where all the children would get together in a large group and sing before we gathered into our age groups. I think this hymn makes a wonderful Thanksgiving song for your students. Maybe they can sing along while they play! Let me know if you see any mistakes. I usually try to get another teacher to check out my duets for errors, but I was not able to do that for this one.

If you are looking for other Thanksgiving music for beginners, check out my website. All of these are Primer level and written on the staff, unless noted. Some of these use clip art rather than my own art.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

American the Beautiful

All Creatures of Our God and King

Hurray, Thanksgiving Day – Pre -Reading was written for a beginner who really wanted a Thanksgiving piece. I had many teachers ask me for the same 8 measure song but on-the-staff, so here is the staff version. Hurray, Thanksgiving Day – on the staff

There are also several Thanksgiving seasonal games posted on my website, so check them out if you’re interested.

Do you have a favorite public domain Thanksgiving him you want arranged for Primer level? List it in a comment here and depending on the hymn melody, I’ll work on it for next year.


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12 thoughts to “Father We Thank Thee and Other Thanksgiving Hymns

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  • Rachael

    I think a good primer level song is “For Health and Strength.” It can be a really beautiful song as a round. I’ve always wanted to get around to making it a duet or solo piece.

  • Karen Steiner

    What about “Count Your Blessings”? I loved that song as a child. (Still do.)

    • susanparadis

      Karen, I remember “Count Your Blessings” by Dale Evans, very well. But it’s not in public domain, so I can’t do anything with it. Is that the one you’re thinking of?

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  • Hannah

    Thank you again for your resources! Almost every day that I teach I am using at least one of your wonderful printouts. I think “Come, Ye Thankful People, Come” is public domain. 🙂

    • susanparadis

      Hannah, that is one hymn I should do. I don’t know if I have time this year, but that you for the suggestion.

  • Lauren Denning

    I think this is so wonderful! Thank you! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I agree that there just isn’t enought music out there for beginning pianists. This makes a big difference. Have you thought about “Hymn of Thanksgiving?” (We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing…)

    • susanparadis

      Thank you for the suggestion. That’s a good one.

  • Sarah Carlson

    Thank you! I was just looking online for Thanksgiving music for my students and there were so little to choose from. My students will very much appreciate these. Thanks again!

    • susanparadis

      You are very welcome! I’m glad you can use them!

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