Find the Skipping Notes

Today I am posting Find the Skipping Notes. This is a set of two worksheets I recently made to go along with the stepping note set I’ve already posted called Find the Starting Note  and Find the Starting Note with Accidentals.

While they might look the same at first glance, the big difference for beginners are the skipping notes.

Learning to quickly identify skipping notes is one of the most important skills necessary to be a good music reader. And yet I think sometimes we rush over this skill to concentrate more on learning note names. That is one reason I made the Step Skipping Game, which I highly encourage parents to use with their students to improve their beginning note reading skills! Over the years, teachers and parents have told me it really works!

If you are thinking about printing these for your students, don’t forget the ink-saving way. Print only one copy and place it inside a page protector. Use wet or dry erase drawing pens and your printables will last forever!

I asked my students what design I should add to make today’s handout more colorful, and they suggested soccer/footballs, so that’s why they’re there!



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4 thoughts to “Find the Skipping Notes

  • Susan E Wood

    Thank you Susan – your games and activities are SO helpful! skipping is a KEY concept, as Linda stated, and this game helps remind them!

    • Susan Paradis

      I agree, and skipping notes can be hard for some. That’s why I made this game and I hope it helps!


    I love today’s activity! So helpful! Often I think students understand the skipping a key concept and have been learning a couple of them don’t. So I’ll be using this today! Thank you, Susan.

    • Susan Paradis

      You’re welcome, Linda. I was hoping this would help, along with the other ones I made!


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