Fishy Matching Game

Fishy Rhythm Matching Cards

My beginning student wanted to play the fishing game, so I made some rhythm flash cards for him. He had not learned rests yet, but after playing this game, now he knows them!  I changed the color of the fish so they are all a solid color. I thought this would help young and/or distracted children to focus on the notes. Then they looked too plain, so I added the dots.

My little student is bothered by the fact that the dotted half note doesn’t have his own name!  He feels sorry for it. Then he wanted to know why I didn’t make a dotted half rest. Isn’t it funny what children will key on?

I also used these cards with lower elementary level students,  and for them I set a time limit to see how many they could catch and identify in a certain amount of time. Otherwise, we would have spent the whole lesson fishing, which I think was fine with the kids, but not for me because I have a lot of music I want to teach!

The cartoon nature of these cards show they are intended for young children, so I don’t plan to make any with higher note values. However, if you want to play a fishing game with older students, you can use regular flash cards. I suggest a time limit for this, too.

Every day I get emails asking me what program I use to make these fish. I drew these myself in Photoshop.  The reason they look so homemade is because they are! I’m not an artist, so it’s kind of painstaking for me. But I love art and I wish I could really draw.

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4 thoughts to “Fish Rhythm Cards

  • Solberg Beverly

    You have saved the day for me!! Thanks you so much for sharing these creative resources.
    I’m to lead an all day relicensing workshop for music teachers in Ukraine in May. Since this is my second year, I was running dry on ideas. Now I’ll include several of your beautiful ideas and make sure you get credit.
    Bev Solberg

    • Susan Paradis

      Beverly, I’m glad you can get some ideas from me! Good luck with your workshop.

  • Dianna Denley

    I have forgotten to thank you for these flashcards. I LOVE them and so do my students. I love that I can use them with my violin students as well as piano students. I give them their own cut and laminated set to take home. They love this ‘present’ so much that they just want to play with them all week (and that’s the whole point!). In one week they can recognise all these notes and their values which is absolutely fantastic.

    Thank you again for all your hard work!!! It is very much appreciated.


    • susanparadis

      You are so welcome. Nothing makes me happier than to hear something I made for my students is being used and shared by other teachers. When I first made this cards, I put magnets on them and played fishing. Recently I made another set without magnets for a beginning student who is having a little trouble remembering rhythm names.


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