In this cute matching game, students music match notes to the corresponding rest.

Fishy Rhythm Matching Cards

Fishy Fish is a cute music rhythm game for beginning music students. The objective is to match rhythm notes with the corresponding rest or note value. I am posting this for Throwback Thursday as the last in my series of games for beginning students. I almost forgot about this and maybe it is new for some of you.

You will notice the file has notes, rhythms, and the number rhythm values of the notes and rests. You do not need to print the page of numbers to have fun with these cards.

I used to play this game with my grandsons. We put the fish in a bucket and using a toy fishing pole, we would match up the notes with the rests or the notes with the rhythm values. So if you’re a teacher, mom or grandparent looking for some music education fun and have a lot of time, I recommend trying this.

While we really had a great time playing fish and learned something, too, I found the fishing game much too slow to use in private lessons with my other students. It is fine for piano camps, group lessons, or home school music, but I don’t think fishing for notes is a good use of valuable lesson time!

I spend most of my lesson time working on music artistry, and I use games as a hands-on way to teach theory. And just like most teachers, I find it hard trying to find time to fit in a game. So I have to plan well!

However, there are several ways to use these cards in private lessons with games that take less than 5 minutes:

  • On the floor or a table, match the notes and rests to the number cards with the corresponding number of beats (rhythm value).
  • Print only the cards with notes and rest, not the number cards. Use these cards as a matching game to match up notes to rests. You can select the number of cards you use depending on the age of your student.
  • Again, using only the 8 note and rest cards, place them on the floor and throw a bean bag on the cards. The student identifies the card closest to the bean bag.

Long time readers will remember I used these fish graphics to make regular flash cards for fishing games. If you want the free fish flash cards with notes on the staff, go here. On that page you can also see a graphic of us playing the fishing game in my music studio, AKA living room!

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