Five Little Pumpkins

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Five Little Pumpkins [found in the Autumn on the Staff Bundle] is a traditional song that I decided to use not only to have a fun, seasonal song, but to use it to transpose to other keys. Students can learn that the first part is just two pentascales put together to make a scale. If they haven’t learned full scales you can leave out that part. You can transpose it to other keys, starting with C and then more. It’s interesting  to do this by ear and see which students can find the black keys without help. Older students can use steps and skips. Or you can just play the song for fun and forget the theory!

For those interested in this sort of thing, this song should have 8th notes but I simplified it because the words are for young children who might not have been introduced to 8th notes yet. Also, all the repeated notes can be difficult for your youngest students, so this is more elementary than early elementary. I added a few finger numbers. Those adverse to them can white them out. Others can add more. I’m like the second pumpkin, I don’t care!

Teachers always ask, so for those of you how want to know, I wrote this in Finale and drew the pumpkins myself in Photoshop. I did it quickly, so if you find errors, please email me. My email address in on my website.


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2 thoughts to “Five Little Pumpkins

  • Katherine

    Hi! I was wondering if this sheet music will be available for download? My student loves this piece and was so excited to see this post but the link doesn’t work! Thank you so much for the help!

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank for asking Katherine. This cute folk song is included in the Autumn on the Staff Bundle which is found in my music store.


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