Folded Recital Program Cover

Folded Template for Inside Program  (a Word .docx file)

Here is another free recital cover and template for you to use at your spring recital, but this one is a folded recital program. You can use the cover “as is” without typing anything on the front. Or, you can open it in Adobe Reader and personalize it like the picture above. This program is for teachers who are experienced with making folded programs and are comfortable with tables in Word. For a simple editable program, check out the one page program template I posted last week.

The template for the inside of the folded program can be edited in Word. I hope this doesn’t confuse anyone, but the cover with the art is editable in Adobe Reader, and the inside of the program with the student names, composer, and title is editable in Word.

Instructions for the cover of the folded program

  • Open in Adobe Reader.
  • Using the graphic above as a guide, put your cursor at the top. You will type in the light blue box.
  • Type the name of your studio.
  • Move you cursor down to the bottom under the green balloon.  You can type the location, date, and time.
  • Print the cover.

Instructions for the inside of the folded program

  • Open the Editable Recital Template in Word.
  • To use the template, use the tab key to move across each cell. Type over what I have written with your students’ information. If one of your song titles is too long, you can either reduce the font size slightly of only that title, or change the size of the cell, if you’re handy with tables.
  • The light gray lines for the table will not show up when printed. If you do not see the table lines, select “view guidelines” in the table layout menu.
  • Delete the text you do not need.
  • Change the heading to the name of your recital.

If you prefer a really simple black and white folded program that doesn’t use much ink, check out this one: Recital Program Cover. You can use light colored paper for a more festive look!


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