I’ve been so busy making Christmas worksheets that I have neglected Cecilly’s Games category. Cecilly is a creative teacher who has been posting “off the bench” games on message boards for years. She is letting me try to collect and publish them here for the benefit of other teachers. Selfishly, I wanted to be able to have a reference for myself, and I thought maybe you would, too. Other teachers who generously share their ideas are listed in links on my side bar.

Cecilly sent me some more games to post and I’ll try to be better about getting them up. Some of the games use pictures, and everyone who comes here regularly knows how much I love to make graphics. Now I have a back log that I hope to work on during the holidays.  I should probably spend more time at a gym and less at the computer!

Here are two games that will be fun if you either teach in groups or have a group lesson coming up. I like the idea of having a student play the piano for these games.

If you have never tried movement activities like these, start with just one and see how it goes. If you’re not used to working in groups , it takes a little experience.

                                        4 Corners Game

 First choose 4 music related things: composer’s names, music elements like Rhythm, Beat, Pitch, Melody, etc., or something else you’d prefer to use.

Make large cards with each of these words written on their own card and mount each on a separate wall or area around the room (where everyone can see).

 To play the game (which is an elimination game of sorts) have either recorded music ready or something you or another student could play on the piano. Choose someone to be “it” with this player sitting in the center of the room. Everyone else stands around in the open space.

 IT closes her eyes and the music begins. The players SILENTLY move to one of the word cards (walls) and waits. They need to get there quick making their decision and sticking with their wall choice.

When the music stops, IT (keeping eyes closed) calls out one of the words. All players at that wall are “out” and simply sit on the floor. A new IT is chosen from the “out” group and the old IT joins the others still in the game. Then play continues with the music and players moving again. Any player caught mid-stream between walls when the music stops is out as well.


 1. Play a total elimination with a final player left standing.

2. Play a temporary elimination with the “out” group sitting out for just one round. They can come back in after this 1 round.

3. Play like total elimination, but with one catch…should IT call out a word with NOBODY at that wall, then all previously “ousted” players are back in.

 This is a great party game, and the trick is for the players to move silently so as not to give away their location. This makes for a more controlled, yet active game.

 Plus it’s good for all ages AND you can reinforce some terms or whatever depending upon your word choices.

 I’ve always used recorded music, but you could have a student play part of a piece for each round. They can determine when to stop the music too which would be fun.



                                      MUSICAL CHAIRS (sort of):

This is a great game to really mix up the younger kids with the older ones.

 Divide the group into 2 equal teams (if it’s an odd number, someone could be a referee or control the music). Here you would need to have the younger kids be in one team, the older ones in another.

 Pair up the kids with one player from each team forming a pair. The older kid will be the “chair” and the younger one the “sitter.”

 Form 2 circles with the younger team in the center circle and older team in an outer circle. The teams will move in opposite directions in a circular manner when the music begins.

 Ok, so with everyone in place, the music is started and the players begin to walk in their circles. When the music stops, the “chairs” immediately stop and go into a chair position with one knee on the floor and the other knee up (creating the chair seat). Their partner must find them and “sit” on their partner’s knee. The last pair to be in a secure sitting position is out. They then can become referee’s for the rest of the game.

 Now, expect a little more craziness with this game as the kids must move quickly to find their partner. There may be some bumping, falling, etc., but if you warn them to be careful, it should go well.

 Continue the game like musical chairs until only one pair is left and is declared the winner.

 The kids really LOVE this game.

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