Sometimes I forget that not every English-speaking person uses the same music vocabulary. Thanks to some help from a British teacher, here are some of my rhythm worksheets that I have re-made using crotchets, minims, quavers, and semibreves.  I also changed measure to barstaff to stave, and the spelling of yogurt.

 Summer Treats Worksheets    The file below is a set of 3 colorful beginning level worksheets from the Summer Treats series, plus 2 others.

UK Memory Games  is a set of 2 memory games for beginners. One features rhythm values and the other has basic vocabulary words. Cut them out and place the cards face down. Students (or student and teacher) take turns turning 2 cards up, trying to find a match. You can read more about how to play these games on my website, such as this page.

UK Rhythm Review is a set of 6 levels of rhythm worksheets in one file. This is a good way to find out how much transfer students know or use as a review.

UK Grand Staves is a set of color and black and white grand staves. Two have the notes written in, and two are blank so students can write in the notes.

Grand Staves_UK

UK Rhythm Round About Cards  go with the Rhythm Round About Game. This is a GREAT game to teach rhythm vocabulary and I made UK rhythm vocabulary cards just for you. Be sure and download the UK cards!  It’s very colorful and beginning students love it.

UK Grand Stave from G to F is a one page worksheet for students to write note names inside the notes.

Write the Grand Stave from G to F

RhythmRoundUpUK is a one page worksheet to review rhythm symbols and vocabulary.

UK Rhythm Round Up