Valentine Games and Activities

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  1. Diana

    These ideas are brilliant! We have been using your note recognition games for a long time, particularly ‘notes in the fast lane’ but today I gave the ‘Valentine Composing Activity’ to my girls who are working at grade 4 and grade 2 and they loved it. Amazing how ambitious you can be from this simple idea and I will definitely be doing more of this. I hope you’ll be posting similar ‘on the staff’ composing ideas at other times of the year.
    Thank you so much for these lovely ideas.

    • Susan Paradis

      Diana, I’m so glad you can use them! You might want to check out the page at this link, where I have posted all of my on-the-staff composing activities. To find everything, click on “Free” in the top menu, and when that page opens, it lists all the pages where you can see little images of a lot of my materials. I even have a UK page!

  2. sharon

    You are an awesome creative teacher. Thank you for your website. I teach a free guitar class for home school children and have used a few of your games to stimulate the students. Thank you again!!!

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