Today’s post includes some beginning rhythm fun sheets continuing with the frog theme. I made these to help students learn rhythm note names. We can work on counting, meter, and keeping a steady beat at their lessons. In addition, I tried these sheets and the ones I posted Monday on an iPad with a 7-year-old, and they worked just fine, after I helped him figure out the best way to hold the stylus.  So, while these print out well and don’t use too much ink, they will also work on your tablet.

FunWithFrogsRhythmFun with Frogs – Beginning Rhythm

I promised my faithful UK readers a version with their rhythm vocabulary!

Fun With Frogs Rhythm UK

Frog Rhythm UK version

To those of you who can’t figure out how to use an iPad for these, I am here to help. But please send an email rather than leave a comment. Speaking of email, I discovered that all the emails that were sent from this site for the last few months went into my spam folder and were deleted. So if I never answered your question, please try again. 🙂

Fun With Frogs on an iPad
Fun With Frogs on an iPad

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8 thoughts to “Fun with Frogs: Beginning Rhythm

  • Esther

    Thanks so much!!!!

  • Julie

    So how do you use this with an iPad?

  • Phyllis Pan

    Where do you get the special pen for the iPads?

    • Susan Paradis

      I think I got it at Walgreens. I have several, but I like to use the less expensive one with my younger students because they tend to really press hard. Somewhere recently I saw 3 for $10.00 but I can’t remember where it was. Try the big box stores or a dollar store. Be sure it is a stylus for an iPad or iPhone.

  • Phyllis Pan

    Where do you get that special pen for the iPad? : )

    • Phyllis Pan

      Thanks! I will check out Walgreens. : )

  • Merri

    Thank you so much for the non-US version. There are so many US-created resources around on the web, but it’s not so easy to find resources with standard terminology. I really appreciate you creating both versions.
    (PS semibreve doesn’t usually have a hyphen – it’s just one word).

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