Fun with frogs learning note names

Frog Notes on the Staff

Frog Treble and Bass Notes

I hope you didn’t give up on me posting the final set in the Fun With Frogs series. I was out-of-town several days, meeting all the wonderful teachers at the Texas Music Teachers Convention.   The Texas convention is huge and there was so much going on. I lost my iPad containing my presentations, found it, lost my iPhone, found it, and walked and talked a lot.

It was so exciting that my friend and teaching colleague Elizabeth Gutierrez won the TMTA pre-collegiate teacher of the year!

Speaking of Elizabeth, my next presentation is in San Antonio where I will speak at her Piano Camp for Piano Teachers. I’m going to open the iPad on-screen and show you how to use it. Elizabeth has some great sessions planned, like how to teach technique after the elementary level, the best classical pieces, and how to teach secure rhythm. Her students play so beautifully and polished, so I am looking forward to that.

Today’s post has piano worksheets for the notes around middle C position for young beginners. Print these sheets or open them in your iPad.

If you like these, you will probably like the others in the Frog series. These are all free downloads, because I just like to share!

Learning Piano Keys

Beginning Rhythm

Finger Numbers and Left/Right Hands

Frogs in Flip Flops – This 12-measure song uses only two notes, F and C. There are words and a teacher duet.

Below is something I did with my student to help him remember treble F. We had a lot of fun with Mr. Frog!

Mr Frog Learns F






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5 thoughts to “Fun With Frogs: Easy Notes on the Staff

  • Joanne

    Susan, Your frog series is just adorable. I love the progression. I just wish I had some beginners !! Thank you for your beautiful work. I’ll know where to find it if I need it.

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you, Joanne. I keep thinking of things to add, so once I get enough new things made, I can add to the set!

  • Diane Wicker

    I always love your stuff, Susan! Thanks, as always, for sharing!
    Question: in the “Frog Treble and Bass Notes” pages, what would be the “missing notes”? I’ll probably figure it out later and realize that was a dumb question, but for now, I think I missed something.

    • Susan Paradis

      Diane, I fixed it with what I hope is better directions.

  • Christine Bookman

    These are great, Susan! Thanks so much for sharing!


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