Fun With Frogs:Piano Keys

Fun with Frogs: Piano Keys

Continuing with my series of beginning worksheets for printing and for the iPad, here are 3 more. This is to help young students learn the names of piano keys. If you are new here, check out my previous posts in this series.

  • Fingers and Hands (finger numbers, right and left hand)
  • Beginning Rhythm (learning beginning rhythm notes and includes UK vocabulary worksheets)
  • Tutorial for MetaMoji (I am not affiliated with this company but just happen to like this app for using worksheets on a mobile tablet)

These are high quality PDF documents that look good printed. Save ink and insert them into clear document covers and use over and over with a dry erase marker.

But they can also be downloaded on an iPad or any mobile tablet. You will need to download an app for writing on PDF documents and buy a stylus.

I like about MetaMoji Lite because it allows you keep these 3 pages in a file together so students can go page to page. This is unusual in a free document. In many free apps, each PDF page is a different file.

I have another page of frog worksheets for notes on the staff! I will post it soon.

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4 thoughts to “Fun With Frogs: Piano Keys

  • Diane Lindsay

    These worksheets are delightful and very helpful for students who need the key support. I have a student who has completed the baseball keyboard race and related worksheet but needs something else to reinforce the keys. Thank you so much! We can always count on you for productive and fun materials that our student’s love!

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you, Diane. Sometimes we just have to keep coming up with different activities until they finally get it!

  • Kay Pelham

    Thank you for these! (Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Froggie is not consistently spelled the same. At least one sheet I see drops a G.)

    • Susan Paradis

      Thank you. I don’t have an editor and I make a lot of mistakes and I really appreciate being told so I can fix it! [Ed: I went back and changed the spelling of Froggie. You will need to refresh your cache to get the newer versions, most likely.]


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