Gingerbread Boy Piano Worksheet

Ginger Boy Keys

 I used this worksheet yesterday with some beginning students  and they did it fast and seemed to like it.  My new crop of students have learned all the piano keys very quickly this year. I think it is because we played the Cover the Keys game back when they started lessons. It seems like in the past some students have had a lot of trouble remembering the keys. I recall an honor student who didn’t know the key names after a year of piano. I think I’m doing a better job of teaching it now!


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2 thoughts to “Gingerboy Keys

  • Sarah

    I LOVE all your music worksheet ideas. I just wanted to let you know that I used this worksheet as an inspiration for a St. Patty’s Day themed worksheet. Thanks for all you do to help teachers through your great resources and inspiring us to get creative in our own teaching.

  • Joanne

    I like the Gingerboy worksheet! I used the Christmas ornaments yesterday with two students, and I used your idea of working it with them. Many times theory papers get overlooked at home. Yes, it does break up the lesson, too. Thanks for all your Christmas goodies!


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